Recent leaks tarnish the image of Hontanar Nuclear

The company most affected by recent leaks, which we talk about in this previous report, has been the legendary Hontanar Nuclear Hontanar Nuclear (, founded by Carlos Garden in 1950 and now lead by his son.

The entire management team is waiting for news from different court, just like the majority of plant managers and offices that Hontanar Nuclear has across the continent.  Emails leaked from the HR department have shown a large number of complaints in regards to harassment in the workplace, exploitation and improper redundancies. 

But the leaks haven’t stopped there and have been on the rise: documents and videos have revealed confidential information, passwords, security codes and even recordings of the company dumping trucks full of debris into lakes and rivers in the area.

Despite recent events and the cancellation of their 70th anniversary celebrations due to this, their website does not mention anything about the current landscape and the CEO has not made any statements.

One thought on “Recent leaks tarnish the image of Hontanar Nuclear

  1. I’m am one of the shareholders of Hontanar Nuclear and I’ve just been informed about all of this.

    I am very disappointed and now I’m gonna send them an EMAIL in order to know what it is all about.

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