Millionaire with a good eye for art

We all have different talents, but the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of them. This is the case with Mr. Barrow, who is not only good at business, but also has a good eye for art.

In recent years, he has discovered some genuine artists. He is the first to buy works of art from promising new artists that no one has ever taken a chance on. Being the first, he can get hold of them when they are worth almost nothing, and a few months later he manages to sell them at exorbitant prices. 

Many of these are abstract art that until before the sale people considered “junk”, perhaps because it is a type of art that is only understood by the eyes of an expert. This is an issue we already discussed in our previous article.

Mr. Barrow also told us about his latest acquisition, a collection of antique pottery vases.

“I got the last lot because they are part of a collection of items I started. The most valuable is a coin, which has some symbols wrapped around it. All the vases in the lot match 2 of its symbols, it is a distinctive mark made by the author.”.

For those of you who want to know more about these works, you can read this other article and meet one of the biggest buyers, who we recently interviewed.

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