Abstract art: Bad or just misunderstood?

Hundreds of artists are struggling to make ends meet and are almost broke. They do everything they can to sell their art, but claim that nobody generally understands them. Works with such a deep meaning that the average public does not appreciate them.

This is the opinion of artists like Michel Boular, who has been trying for years to sell his works. “They have even told me that shit or stones would decorate their house better. They don’t understand it, they don’t see the meaning.”

But public opinion suggests otherwise: “All abstract art is garbage. They are meaningless works, my child could do it better. And don’t tell me that it has a hidden meaning, I asked the author directly what it meant and he was unable to tell me.”

Art critics like Johan Lyun support both sides. On the one hand, that most people do not appreciate abstract or deeper art; on the other hand, that sometimes they must be right, as with the works of Michael Boular., “They’re all useless rubbish”.

What do you think? Leave us your opinions in the comments and for those interested, we give you the link to another article that curiously tries to give a peculiar use to useless objects.

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