When big fish get eaten by bigger fish

Mr. Barrow has amassed a considerable fortune and has consequently ruined other big businessmen who have crossed paths with him.

It has taken a very aggressive stance against its competitors, fighting to the point of killing off rivals or even taking over their businesses.

Many say that this is business, but what has bothered certain groups the most is the “trophies” he has taken when he has made a rival family disappear. Whenever this happens, Mr. Barrow proposes to buy the most expensive family heirloom they have from the family and display it in his parlour.

These families, seeing themselves in a desperate situation, accept and at that moment Barrow proclaims his victory. The 6 families who went through this were very powerful and well known at the time, and perhaps some of them will still ring a bell with our readers: Walton, Ambani, Koch, Stalson, Telmos and Fornals. 

The 6 items of the families ruined by Barrow.

Most are now remembered only as a mere trophy in the living room, like the prized vase of the Telmos family; but there are other families with an even worse outcome, as is the case of the Ambani family, better detailed in this separate article.

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