Tragedy in the Ambani family

Ambani family coat of arms

Not so long ago, when someone thought of a pioneering and leading company in the technology sector, the Ambani family was one of the first names that came to mind.

Their groundbreaking techniques caught on with the public, until Mr Barrow’s Exaequabo company began to gain ground on them. He eventually overtook all their projects, and even his scientists went over to Barrow’s side. It wasn’t long before the Ambani family’s company was taken over and the family members went bankrupt.

But the tragedy did not end there, as shortly afterwards the family’s only son died in a car accident. His parents, devastated by their misfortunes, ended up committing suicide the same year on the 25th of July.

There are no longer any living members of the family and their last possessions were auctioned off, including a family heirloom that Mr Barrow bought as a trophy, bringing the story of the downfall of this prestigious family to a close.

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