The search continues for missing Roy Mirlo

Last Monday, it was 3 months since Roy Mirlo, a 29 year-old man, disappeared without a trace.

The last-known sighting of him comes from security camera footage near a bus station. The young man was wearing a green sweater, jeans and a brown backpack.

Police stopped their search for him after the first month, as an investigation revealed that Roy had serious financial problems. This, in addition to being last seen at a bus station, lead authorities to consider the possibility that the young man was fleeing his debtors.

But, what a few weeks ago was classified by police, as “a missing man running from his debts” is still an ongoing investigation for a father who’s still hoping to find his son.

That’s why Roy Mirlo’s loved ones have recently printed a new set of missing person advertisements on milk cartons.

We hope he is found soon.


After reading the comments on this article, we have realized that the ad was not posted originally by the family and they are very confused.

We apologize for the inconvenience we caused.

7 thoughts on “The search continues for missing Roy Mirlo

  1. I am his father and WE DID NOT START THE MILK CARTON ADS.
    We do not know who has been doing this and we are very concerned. If anyone knows anything or wants to help us, I am active 24/7 in this chat:

    I won’t stop until I find him.

  2. I wish the family all the best, let’s hope he shows up soon

  3. He’s clearly run away, he doesn’t want to be found

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