Escape Room to do at home

All we know is that because of Covid, activities at home have increased significantly. People are desperately looking for ways to entertain themselves at home during that time.

Proof of this is the growth of streaming platforms, like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, … and more and more.

But it is also remarkable the new attitude of the users. Some time ago, when they wanted to search series or movies to watch at home, they typed: “watch free netflix”, “Amazon Prime free”, “free disney account plus”,…

But now, they prefer to subscribe, thus gaining in quality and not wasting time searching for free online pages.

For that reason, we want to recommend a quality escape room (not an ordinary one) but an escape box or also known as an escape game.

It is a type of escape room to play at home. You could get all the components to overcome the puzzles and tests and solve them with a group of friends in your home.

Our proposal is Hack Forward, the best escape room to play at home. The first game from the Key Enigma company specialized in creating escape rooms in a box.

Hack Forward are 8 escape rooms in 1, the best offer that can be found if you are looking to play and entertain yourself at home for a long time.

Also noteworthy is his second game, The Butterfly Curse. An escape room of terror with more than two hours of fun.

If you are missing more games, nowadays, the team is preparing a new Kickstarter for a spectacular escape room. Let’s hope it turns out even better than the first one they did.

If you want to know more about them, we leave you an article that talks about their inspirations in the first project.

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