The mysterious Pharaoh Enigtatu

The discovery of this pharaoh continues to raise questions and doubts among historians and archaeologists around the world, even 34 years after the fact.

There is still much debate about it, but it is estimated that he lived around 1300 B.C. His reign was very short and therefore little information is available.

A thorough exhumation of the mummified corpse revealed that he was killed by plunging a ceremonial dagger into his chest. The most widely accepted theory is that he intended to bring about great social and political change but the elites would not allow it.

The tomb of the lost pharaoh was discovered by archaeologist Caroline Carter on 27 November, but did not attract the press until her sudden and strange death. Caroline Carter was found dead with the same ceremonial dagger with which Enigtatu was killed stuck in her chest. Rumour had it that it was the curse of the pharaoh.
The mummy of the pharaoh is currently on display at the Leystan Museum. This museum’s exhibition is the largest of its kind in the world and is a must visit for anyone who wants to study this pharaoh.

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