The alarming addiction to television

Maybe since the phenomenon that caused the TV show “Lost” had not seen so many people hooked and more aware of what happens in his favorite shows that what happens in the real world.

Unlike the previous decade, we have streaming platforms that give us the ability to watch TV shows whenever we want, with no time restrictions, which makes it easier to follow them. The quality and quantity has also been increased so it is not surprising that they are the phenomenon of the moment.

But what is the problem? What negative consequences does it have? The addiction.

People spend more hours watching series than socializing and the worst thing is that when we finally socialize, one of the most recurring themes is to talk about them. Even the platforms are adapting the option so you can watch the chapters at speed x1’5; to be able to finish faster and be up to date with your friends.

But the most alarming thing is that they can cause an abstinence syndrome similar to drugs addiction, in addition to health problems. We are engrossed and trapped, systems such as automatic replay have facilitated this process by causing a greater effort to stop looking at the screen.

TV shows are not bad by themselves, quite the opposite, but the general consumption of them is. We are neglecting social, personal and work life in pursuit of addictive entertainment. We advise you to put a daily limit and remember that there is more life off the screen.

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