We apologize

We sincerely apologize for any panic or stress our previous post “Farglos Butterfly” may have caused. The article that was previously HERE was more controversial than we thought.

We have been recommended to protect it with a password as it was causing panic among many of our readers.

Although we realize this is likely not what you expected, we will review your claims through your comments.

10 thoughts on “We apologize

  1. Please, I think I have the curse on me. I have started to see and hear things. I want to read the news to see if I can find something that can help me.

    1. Stop insisting! These curses get stronger the more people talk about them. By making the news go viral you will cause more people to be cursed. Do not screw others to save your ass!

  2. I am doing my best to enter. I have discovered that we need an 6 letter word and in UPPER CASE. But no idea what it can be.

  3. HELP! I’ve seen the butterfly, I think I don’t have much time left.

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